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Give Your Visitors a First Class Welcome


The 2N® Helios can be equipped with a built-in camera, so you can see who is standing at your door not only on the PC screen, but also on your mobile phone. With the help of a code, you can also easily open the door using a mobile phone, e.g. if your colleague has left his keys somewhere or if a visitor arrives and you have not got home yet. Simply take a look at the display to find out who is at the door and open it by remote control. If you prefer to open the door by tapping out the code on a backlit touch keyboard, you will not need keys either. Communication is facilitated by enhanced technology with high quality voice transmission and no noise from background interference.

If you like the look of the 2N® Helios, you can install it to the technology of your building even during construction, just as you can when the building had been finished. 2N door intercoms are manufactured in two models – embedded and surface. If needed, the surface model can be supplemented by a shelter protecting the product from adverse weather conditions.

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