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WATSTELECOM IP communications systems  are an ideal communication solution for every company. It represents a unique combination of quality hardware, VOIP technology and advanced software solutions. With WATSTELECOM IP communications systems , you can communicate within the company completely free of charge using WATSTELECOM IP phones or software communicators. An obvious advantage is the chance to link up multiple locations into a single system or to interconnect any IP station from home or abroad. You can carry out all settings of the station in complete comfort via the  Assistant web environment. The Mobility extension service will ensure the availability of all employees - even when they are outside their offices. Never again will they miss an important call. In addition, they can transfer the caller to any of their colleagues directly from their mobile phone.

Office communication systems can be connected to information systems within the company, interconnected and synchronized with an e-mail client or connected to door intercoms. This is all done using the IP network, thereby removing the need to have two sets of cabling for the telephone and computer network.

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