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Guarantee Your Customers the 100% Availability of Your ISDN Lines

Do your customers demand 100% reliability from your ISDN lines? Do they really want to make calls even in the event of a failure of their BRI or PRI connector? This can be resolved by building an independent back-up route, which is often demanding financially as well as in terms of time, and sometimes may even be impossible. Our unique solution makes use of the existing GSM/UMTS network and is therefore fully mobile, in the true sense of the word.

An ISDN line backup is made through a GSM/UMTS gateway with the relevant number of SIM cards to cover your customer’s requirements as to the number of simultaneous calls in the event of a failure of primary connectivity.  The failure is detected by the GSM gateway, which passes information about an ISDN line failure to the operator’s network.  In an instant, incoming calls are redirected to SIM card numbers in the GSM gateway, with all extension numbers being retained.  Similarly, all outbound calls are routed through SIM cards to the gateway, and again, the original numbering plan is retained.  When an outage occurs, no evident change is apparent to either the caller or the person being called.  During the outage, the operator’s technicians are also informed immediately, which gives them an opportunity to start working on the problem immediately, without waiting to be informed by the customer.

Currently, to customers who demand a 100% back-up of an ISDN line, you can offer a radio connection, the excavation of an independent route, or the rental of an independent route.  Connected to each of those options are significant costs, and often, such routes take unduly long to set up.  In comparison, our solution can be deployed immediately, and in the event that another physical route is eventually indeed set up, the solution can be easily moved to another customer.

Win the trust and increase the loyalty of your customers by offering them the ISDN Back-up solution that is compatible with all types of branch switchboards!



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