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Increase Your SIM Card Sales by Offering SIM Hunting

One Number Reach


Do your customers use GSM gateways with your SIM cards? Do your customers require a service that enables them to make just one telephone number public, while using more simultaneous channels for  outbound and inbound calls? We have the elegant and modular solution for you. This service is known as SIM Hunting or One Number Reach. Now you can provide the same service from your mobile networks without upgrading your IN (Intelligent Network).

SIM Hunting allows the customer to use a multichannel GSM/UMTS gateway for outbound calls from his PBX and identify all calls under one unique number (CLIP). Similarly, inbound calls to this number are routed to a free SIM card in the gateway, so more concurrent calls can be made. All this is accomplished while maintaining only the number of SIM cards needed to satisfy the average concurrent usage of the customer.

Customers having this requirement can also be satisfied in other ways. SIM Hunting might be supported by your IN, or the customer can set up call-forwarding on his SIMs, to obtain a similar functionality. The limit in this case is the number of SIMs that can be located in such a hunting group. The 2N solution supports up to 30 SIM cards! If you want a reliable solution for more SIM cards and your IN does not support it, we have the perfect and easy-to-implement solution for you.

2N SIM Hunting is compatible with all kinds of PBXs and helps you obtain more customers and greater revenue. Provide the comfort of a fixed network in GSM/UMTS networks and be a technological leader in your market!

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