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Provide Fixed Line Services in Remote Regions

If you are a fixed, mobile or alternative operator, the following solution gives you an opportunity to provide a fixed line service even where it would be inefficient or simply impossible to set one up. All you need is for the given region to be covered by a GSM or UMTS mobile network signal. The subsequent solution will be warmly welcomed by your customers living or doing business in such regions.

We offer a full-value alternative to the classic fixed line that is intended for households, individuals and home offices. It enables you to make a call, receive and send SMS messages, send faxes and gives you a high-speed Internet connection. 2N products for replacing fixed lines are distinguished for their reliability and very easy installation.

If you, as an operator, decide to include these products in your portfolio, you will obtain a product with an obvious and attractive benefit for the end user. New opportunities from a long-neglected market sector will open up to you, you will substantially add to the sale of SIM cards, and last but not least, you will increase your ARPU. You also obtain a business model that currently operates in other countries with operators such as Telefónica O2 or Turkcell. Our professional training of your sales staff and technical team, as well as the possibility we offer for remote monitoring, will also undoubtedly cut your operating costs.

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