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Provide Calling and Surfing even without a Fixed Line

Provide a Wireless Fixed Line


The ability to compete with fixed lines and offer customers all the services they provide opens up attractive business opportunities for every operator. Now they are within reach. We bring you the opportunity to provide a full-value alternative, including high-speed Internet connection.

We are offering you a solution that helps you address not just existing customers, but future ones, too. It is based on the mobile availability of the UMTS network, thus also enabling connection for those subscribers beyond the reach of ADSL technology. Another target group includes customers requiring a mobile solution because they are constantly on the move or for the needs of home offices. Products in the UMTS series offer high-speed Internet connection at a rate of 7.2 Mb/s and the chance to connect a classic analogue telephone. Calls and data transmissions can of course be made simultaneously.

Offer the comfort, simplicity and reliability of UMTS services to your customers. Improve the potential of your network with other services such as Wi-Fi Hot Spot, office features vital for everyday operations and many other services that 2N UMTS products can offer.

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