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The IP38-61 is a dynamic and next generation SIP based VOIP telephone instrument specially designed for the TDS/G1E+M Series IP System.

By deploying the IP38-61, you gain the benefit of “unifying” all your remote operations into a single system. You may have a warehouse several miles away with the need for 5 telephones. Instead of installing a separate system there, with it’s own lines and voice mail system, you can leverage the technology advances of Transtel by implementing VoIP based IP38-61 telephones at the remote location.

The remote IP38-61 telephones operate seamlessly as directly connected devices offering one touch station to station dialing, voice mail boxes from main office system, ability to use local lines for outward calling purposes. These phones can be paged and dialed directly from the automated attendant located in the main system!

Travelers to remote locations can benefit from the use of the IP38-61. Just plug the phone into any internet connection located any where in the world and you have immediate office communications as if you were back at the home office! Call others in the office, answer calls or receive transferred calls. The audio quality is outstanding and customers will not be able to tell if you are in the office or traveling abroad. With the IP38-61, it’s business as usual, no matter where you are located.

If your company would like to offer extended customer service hours over different time zones, implementing the IP38-61 is the perfect solution. Simply set up your incoming lines to ring IP38-61 telephones after normal working hours in your main location. In this way you will be able to extend your hours of operation automatically.

TransTel’s IP38-61 telephone coupled with the TDS/G1E +M IP Platform saves money in both equipment and long distance costs. It allows organizations of all sizes the ability to “unify” operations by providing a single system to all employees over an IP based infrastructure

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