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TAPI Protocol
TAPI (Telephony Applications Programming Interface) is a protocol developed by Microsoft for use with its Windows operating system to enable integration between Windows applications and telephony devices. In this case we are talking about PBX equipment.

The protocol defines a list of commands that an application can issue to control the functions of the telephony device. Commands for making a call, holding a call, transfering a call, and ending a call, are basic. The protocol is of course much more extensive than that with some quite sophisticated functional control available to applications should it be required.

The TAPI protocol is standard and published so there are many Windows applications (software) that have been written for various purposes that use it. To use TAPI requires, at minimum, the installation of a TSP (Telephony Service Provider) driver on the PC, workstation, or server, running the TAPI enabled application, or server/client software set. The TSP is supplied by the telephony device manufacturer and is effectively a software driver that forms the interface between the manufacturers equipment protocols and the Microsoft Windows TAPI application programming interface (API).

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