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The HiPath 3000 IP Convergence System offers medium-sized
enterprises of 10 to 1000 stations the most reliable voice
communication with high-grade terminal devices that are very
simple to use.
If HiPath 3000 is used as a standalone system, it can be operated
with up to 500 workpoints.
Up to 32 HiPath 3000 systems can be networked and managed as
a single system with up to 1000 users by a HiPath 5000 Realtime
Services Manager.
HiPath 3000 comes in three variants optimized for different sized
HiPath 33x0, HiPath 35x0 and HiPath 3800.
HiPath 3800 is the new high-end hardware platform with improved
performance. A professional and homogeneous set of features is
provided across all systems through HiPath ComScendo, which
can be utilized independently of the workpoint clients used.

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