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Our Line Release Driver LRD-2A is a small versatile unit and designed to be a solution to some PABX system that unable to recognize the call progress tones from CO and release the line while caller disconnects. Generally, an interruption or reversal in loop current to be generated from CO and transmit to the associated PABX system for properly line release while caller had already disconnected.

In case, only call progress tones occurred and the PABX Equipment unable to recognize, disconnect and abandon, the line will be kept on engaging status till the called party hand up. These cause people wasted the time to wait behind the locked lines.

The newly designed LRD-2A may be equipped between central office lines and call handling equipments (e.g. PABX or KTS system), when the unit detects one of the call progress tones, it produces a monetary interruption or reversal in loop current to the PABX system to disconnect, release and un-block the traffic line absolutely.

  • Application

    The Line Release Driver is widely equipped on Tie-line networking communication of big company, heavy traffic incoming call handling equipment of Airline office or Stock exchange, …
  • To prevent CO line locking on PABX trunk while CO transfer CO calling.
  • To accurately count the abandoned incoming calls while counting facility or call-sequencer device equipped.
  • To reduce ineffective calls receiving while automated call-processing device equipped.(e.g. Voice mail or Automated operator device)


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