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The OM Voice Mail System is a full-featured standalone voice-mail, audiotex and auto-attendant system. It is designed to support most PABX. It provides efficient and reasonable solution for small / medium sized offices.
The OM is a low power consumption solid-state and diskless design, and results in extremely high reliability and durability. It is the best choice for your existing PABX system.


  1. Voice Mailbox
  2. Support 2-way conversation recording
  3. Message appending and forwarding redirection
  4. Message distribution
  5. Message notification: message waiting lamp, cell phone, pager or extension.
  6. Personalized greetings
  7. Personal message notification schedule
  8. Time and date stamp on messages
  9. Variable message recording time
  10. Variable number of messages per mailbox
  11. Wake-up calls
  12. Audiotex (Information Menus)
  13. 4 levels, up to 256 one-digit menus and receptionists
  14. Day/night/noon menus and receptionists.
  15. Auto-Attendant
  16. Blind call transfer, supervised call transfer, and unsupervised call transfer for group extensions.
  17. Day/night/noon/holiday operator service
  18. Extension hunt groups with automatic call distribution
  19. Flexible extension numbering layout up to 9 digits
  20. Multi-lingual greetings and prompts
  21. Transfer destinations: extension hunt groups, internal extensions, external extensions, designated external phones, personal external phone, personal assistant, departmental secretary, personal mailbox and mutual mailbox.
  22. Weekly business schedule and holiday schedule

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