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The integration of data and video, and voice communication in computers and the subsequent technological advances have spawn many sophisticated CTI applications that have become accessible and affordable to the small and mid-sized business. The increasing CTI applications coupled with the growing demand for corresponding hardware and systems have created a dilemma: How does one pack the growing number of equipment into existing space?

Acme’s multi-LCD monitor keyboard is the solution for “compacting” more computing power into limited space. This revolutionary multi-monitored keyboard combines spectacular displays coupled with a keyboard with a built-in pointing device. Occupying a fraction of the space of traditional monitor and keyboard units, the installation of the Trident leaves ample space for other critical components. With built-in analog-to-digital conversion board, this unit can be connected to any standard VGA graphics card for immediate on-screen display. The multi-monitored keyboard unit has a built-in slide rail and mounts easily onto any 19″ rackmount cabinet.


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