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In the marketplace there are many memory card recorders that allow users to record conversations with convenience and speed. Why does MicroLog stand out above the rest?

MicroLog is the recorder device that provides enterprise levels of quality, reliability, scalability and ease of administration. It supports direct connection with telephone line or handset's microphone and speaker, allowing analog/digital/IP phone users to record their calls in crystal-clear sound quality. It has a voice activation feature, which works 24-hours year-round in unattended mode, saving hours by only "voices" without "silence".  It has a USB port, allowing users to transfer voice recordings to their PC for playback, archiving and management. It comes with battery-operating option, enabling usage in where commercial power outlet is unavailable. If desired, voice recordings from various MicroLog devices can further be centralized to a master server via computer network.

Ease of Install and Use

Supplied with everything to go straight from the box, users simply attach the device to a telephone line (or handset) and over hundreds of hours of telephone call recordings will be saved on a standard memory card. This package is also supplied with desktop software for voice replay and archiving management too. In a few minutes individuals can accurately record sales, orders and support conversations for training or legal purposes.

Model Available

At present MicroLog has only TCR-2000, the model that uses SD/SDHC (Secure Digital / Secure Digital High Capacity) technology. TCR-1000, the earlier model, has been retired since early 2009 and is no longer supplied.

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