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DCRS or Digital Call Recording System is a Windows-based integrated voice recording platform used to record and monitor VoIP, digital and analog telephone calls and 2-way radio in single or multi site environments.  It consists of two fully compatible models of call recorder (DCRS-9900 and DCRS-8000) for scalability reason.  Every of the call recorder has a locator and player built-in allowing the system administrator to monitor calls real-time on-line or replay recorded conversations at system console henever needed.

DCRS Prominent Features

DCRS call recorder stores calls as sound files in the local hard disk and the calls-related information such as date and time, duration, Caller ID, number dialed, station number, and agent name as database data in the local hard disk too.

If required, the calls-related information can be archived to DB Center located in the user's headquarter or IT department office for easy retrieval and voice reproduction.  If required further, both calls and calls-related information can be archived to a Master Server located in headquarter or a remote office for double safety, rapid data retrieval and instant voice reproduction.  An optional locator & player package can be installed in the Windows multimedia PCs, enabling the company's nationwide administrators to use their own desktop or notebook PCs to live monitor any of onging calls taking place in any location, or to search and replay company-wide recorded conversations that are hosted by the master server whenever needed.

DCRS supports seamless integration with user's telephone and ACD system.  It is also abundant in security features.  It is a perfect solution for call centers, business organizations, governments, militaries and any of the entities that have the need to reduce liability, verify orders, improve customer service, train agents, or comply with the regulatory law.

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