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This recording option is available to qualified users.

Record from 4 to 256 analog, digital, T1, E1, ISDN ( PRI or BRI), VoIP or radio lines per node.

Versadial was one of the first to offer call recorder kit solutions. Recorder kits include our award winning VSLogger (recording engine) software and license, our rich user interface Adtuante software to access the recordings and optionally a recording board if digital or analog lines will be recorded.

Variety of options, simple & ready to expand:

  • Select the necessary call recorder kit suitable for your telecom infrastructure
  • Our systems support hardware from several manufacturers so you always have freedom for upgrading and expansion
  • You can add extra local or network drives to expand your recording capacity
  • Each Versadial call recorder system can be expanded to record up to 256 channels by simply adding extra recording cards (Digital and Analog only) and licenses
  • Kits include one year software maintenance plan

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