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Adutante Call Recording Software Package Includes:

  • Adutante Server (Users and Recording Info Database and Web Application Container)
  • VS Logger (Our Call Recording Engine)
  • VSmonitor (Direct Connection to Recorder and Distributed Call Recording UI)


Our Adutante Call Recording Software Package allows businesses to continuously record on a reliable and steady platform. Quickly search for specific calls based on date, extension, caller id, and more. Play the calls directly from your PC and make comments or export the call in WAV format for review.

Using VSLogger as the recording engine, all calls are recorded and stored on the VSLogger server. Accessing the calls via VSmonitor or our optional browser based Adutante user interface, calls can be bookmarked, commented, flagged, and listened to.

We have the ability to record on multiple line types such as analog, proprietary digital PBX, T1/E1, ISDN, PRI and VoIP lines.

With over 15 years of software development experience in the call recording industry you can rest assure our solution will provide years of reliability. If you need a specific feature or integration, we can provide professional services to customize our software and meet your requirements.

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